My Tribe Goga


What is Goga?
Goga is goat yoga.

What is goat yoga?
Goat yoga is great way to practice yoga while enjoying the company of docile, fun-loving goats who may cuddle with you, and/or jump on you while you hold yoga poses, with a side of ear, hair or finger nibbles.

Where is this place?
We are located on the Tempe/Mesa border of the Phoenix-Metro area in Arizona. Our main cross streets are Broadway and the 101. We are in a residential area. Where we practice is also where we live. When you book your class, the confirmation email from Eventbrite has the exact location/address/directions details. The practice is 100% outdoors. We're in a grassy field with the shade of big wonderful mature trees. It's really a peaceful, enjoyable place.

Do the goats do yoga poses?
Not intentionally. Many yoga poses are named after animals. Many animals naturally hold
shapes that are often repeated in yoga. While there are no official yoga poses specifically
named after goats, you may notice that sometimes the shapes the goats hold are similar to yoga poses. We also replaced some of the traditional animal named poses in Goga with goat names. We’re all about inclusivity here. ; )

Why Goga?
Why not? We love yoga, and we love the time we spend with the goats. We have found that any time we spend with goats we feel at ease, relaxed and generally in a better state of mind. That is what we yearn for in our yoga practice. Involving the goats with our yoga practice has only enhanced all of the benefits that we generally experience when practicing yoga. Plus, who doesn’t love goat cuddles?

The goats even love the cuddles! Being social and jumping on things (or people) is just part of typical goat behavior. Class is fun for them too. If it wasn't, we wouldn't do this.

Additionally, several scientific studies have been conducted regarding the effects of human-animal interaction and oxytocin (the hormone that is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone”). One study found that oxytocin is released in humans via eye contact and hands on [or tactile] interactions with animals that “seem to play a major role” for reducing those stress levels that are influenced by oxytocin. These human-animal interactions and oxytocin, “were found to promote social interaction, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to enhance human health.” Beetz, A., Uvnäs-Moberg, K., Julius, H., & Kotrschal, K. (2012). Psychosocial and Psychophysiological Effects of Human-Animal Interactions: The Possible Role of Oxytocin. Frontiers in Psychology, 3,
234. http://doi.org/10.338 /fpsyg.2012.00234

Do I need prior yoga experience to attend class?
No. The class is for all levels and is geared toward making this a fun and interactive experience for you to practice yoga and enjoy the company of goats. Further, yoga is not all about the poses. You may do all of the poses, some of the poses, or none of the yoga poses - it’s entirely up to you and your ability. Some modifications will be provided. However, if you have an injury or a specific concern, speak with our Tribe Yogini, aka Goga teacher, Jennie, before class and she will discuss with you what may work best for you. We do require that you have medical clearance by your doctor to attend class should you have any injury, illness or condition that may affect your ability to practice yoga. Please also review and sign the required Waiver prior to attending class.

Is there a restroom available for Goga attendees?
Not on the property. However, there is a
Quick Trip located less than one mile East of the property on Dobson and Broadway and other similar facilities nearby. You are free to leave and return should you need to use those facilities.

You may notice that the area we are in is residential. The owners of the property where we practice have graciously opened up this space for us to practice. We are committed to keeping the Goga practice from interfering with the peace and privacy of those who reside on the property.

What about parking?
There is plenty of street parking available. Please be courteous of our neighbors. Do not block driveways, mail boxes or trashcans.

May I hold the goats?
Yes. Before class begins we will show you the proper way to hold the goats, if that is what you wish to do. They do have four stomachs, which are very sensitive. So it is very important that you handle them with care.

What about goat poop?
Well, poop happens. When it comes to goats, it's not a big deal. Their poop is little pellets that easily roll right off your yoga mat (if that's where they happen to land). Goats eat a healthy vegan diet super rich in minerals so they basically poop fertilizer.

What should I wear?
Something you don't mind getting dirty. There's dirt, and it'll get on your clothes. Also, please keep in mind that we're in Arizona and it can be hot. Make sure you bring water. If you forget your water, we do have beverages available for purchase.

Is there a waiver?
YES. All attendees MUST sign a waiver prior to class. Click here to sign the waiver.

Do you offer private events?
Yes, please email us at mytribegoga@gmail.com for more details.